Make your workflow faster by learning Lunacy's shortcuts

You can use keyboard shortcuts in Lunacy to help speed up your design process.

We keep these shortcuts consistent with both Sketch for Mac and Photoshop. If you are used to these certain combinations, they will likely work in Lunacy as well.

You can use keyboard shortcuts to help speed up your design process. Commands are divided into several sections.

General Shortcuts

Action Hotkey(s)
Open Ctrl+O
New Ctrl+N
Save Ctrl+S
Save as Ctrl+Shift+S
Export Ctrl+E
About F1
Close Tab Ctrl+W
Next Tab Ctrl+Tab
Prev Tab Ctrl+Shift+Tab
Exit Alt+F4 or Ctrl+Q
Copy Ctrl+C
Cut Ctrl+X
Paste Ctrl+V
Export in PNG to Icons8 Cloud, copy URL to clipboard Ctrl+C, C
Copy Style Ctrl+Alt+C
Paste Style Ctrl+Alt+V
Undo Ctrl+Z
Redo Ctrl+Y or Ctrl+Shift+Z
Show Rulers Ctrl+R
Show Grid Ctrl+’
Show Layout Grid Ctrl+\
Show Guidelines Ctrl+;
Lock Guidelines Ctrl+Alt+;
Collapse the Objects list Ctrl+~
Switch to Objects Alt+1
Switch to Libraries Alt+2
Switch to Properties Alt+3
Switch to Code Alt+4


Action Hotkey(s)
Select Tool S or V and Esc for Deselect
Text T
Rectangle R
Rounded Rectangle U
Oval O
Line L
Pencil Tool N
Pen Tool P
Place Image I
Place Avatar Q
Artboard A
Hotspot H
Slice E
Symbol C
Button B
Text Input D
Checkbox F
Radio button Y
Toggle K
Drop-down list W
Draw from center Hold down Alt and drag
Draw preserving aspect ratio Hold down Shift and drag

Selecting Objects

Action Hotkey(s)
Select object Click
Select All Ctrl+A
Select All artboards (objects beyond artboards are ignored) Shift+Ctrl+A
Select an object within a group Ctrl+Click

Editing Objects

Action Hotkey(s)
Edit Mode Enter or Double click
Finish Editing/Deselect all Escape
Delete object Backspace or Del
Toggle Mask Ctrl+M
Flip horizontally Ctrl+→ or Ctrl+←
Flip vertically Ctrl+↑ or Ctrl+↓
Union Ctrl+Shift+U
Substract Ctrl+Shift+P
Intersect Ctrl+Shift+I
Difference Ctrl+Shift+X
Align Left Alt+A
Align Right Alt+D
Align Horizontally Alt+H
Align Top Alt+W
Align Bottom Alt+S
Align Vertically Alt+V
Distribute Horizontally Ctrl+Shift+H
Distribute Vertically Ctrl+Shift+V
Tidy up Ctrl+Alt+Shift+T
Scale objects Ctrl+K
Refresh avatar Shift+R

Text Editing

Action Hotkey(s)
Bold Ctrl+B
Italic Ctrl+I
Underline Ctrl+U
Increase Font Size Ctrl+Alt +
Decrease Font Size Ctrl+Alt –
Increase Line Spacing Ctrl+Alt+>
Decrease Line Height Ctrl+Alt+<
Increase Character Spacing Ctrl+Shift+>
Decrease Character Spacing Ctrl+Shift+<
Horizontal Align Left Ctrl+Alt+{
Horizontal Align Center Ctrl+Alt+\
Horizontal Align Right Ctrl+Alt+}
Horizontal Align Justify Ctrl+Alt+J
Refresh generated text Shift+R

Text Generation Snippets

Text generation value Snippet
Full Name ;full or ;fullname
First Name ;fir or ;firstname
Last Name ;las or ;lastname
Phone ;ph or ;phone
Email ;em or ;email
Full Address ;ad or ;address
State ;st or state
City ;ci or ;city
Zip Code ;zip
Company ;com or ;company
Department ;dep or ;department
Job Title ;job or ;jobtitle
Credit Card ;cr or ;credit
Amount ;am or ;amount
Day ;day
Week ;we or ;week
Month ;mo or ;month
Year ;ye or ;year
12/31/1999 ;ds or ;dateslash
31.12.1999 ;dd or ;datedot
December 31, 1999 ;df or ;datefull
23:00 ;t24 or ;time24
11:00 PM ;t12 or ;time12
Theme ;th or ;theme
Header ;he or ;header
Paragraph ;pa or ;paragraph
Url ;url
User Name ;us or ;username
File Name ;fil or ;filename
Country ;cou or ;country
Language ;la or ;language

Symbols operations

Action Hotkey(s)
Create Symbol Ctrl+Alt+K
Edit Symbol Enter
Send to Symbols Page Ctrl+Alt+E
Detach from Symbol Ctrl+Alt+D
Reset instance size Ctrl+Alt+R

Moving and Resizing Objects

Action Hotkey(s)
Distance to objects Alt
Duplicate Hold downAlt and drag or Ctrl+D
Move along X/Y axis Hold down Shift and drag
Move by 1px Arrow keys
Move by 10px Shift+Arrow keys
Resize by 1px Ctrl+Arrow keys
Resize by 10px Ctrl+Shift+Arrow keys
Resize from center Alt+resize
Preserve Ratio Shift+resize
Pan around canvas Hold down Space and drag
Disable snapping while dragging objects Hold down Ctrl and drag

Arranging Objects

Action Hotkey(s)
Group Selection Ctrl+G
Ungroup Selection Ctrl+Shift+G
Bring Forward Ctrl+]
Bring to Front Ctrl+Shift+]
Send Backward Ctrl+[
Send to Back Ctrl+Shift+[
Show / Hide Ctrl+H
Lock / Unlock Ctrl+L

Zoom and Focus

Action Hotkey(s)
Zoom Tool Z
Zoom Ctrl+Mouse Wheel
Zoom In Ctrl + or just +
Zoom Out Ctrl - or just -
Zoom to 100% Ctrl+0
Zoom to All Elements Ctrl+1
Zoom to Selection Ctrl+2
Fit Width Ctrl+3
Fit Height Ctrl+4
Search Ctrl+/ or just /


Action Hotkey(s)
Run script Ctl+Shift+K
Run script again Ctl+Shift+R