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Lunacy Help

Documentation for Lunacy, Sketch for Windows

Hot keys

You can use keyboard shortcuts to help speed up your design process. Commands are divided into several sections.

General Shortcuts

Action Hotkey(s)
Open Ctrl+O
New Ctrl+N
Save Ctrl+S
Save as Shift+Ctrl+S
Export Ctrl+E
About F1
Exit Alt+F4, Ctrl+Q
Copy Ctrl+C
Cut Ctrl+X
Paste Ctrl+V
Undo Ctrl+Z
Redo Ctrl+Y, Ctrl+Shift+Z
Toggle rules Ctrl+R
Toggle grid Ctrl+’
Toggle left panel Ctrl+T

Inserting Objects

Action Hotkey(s)
Rectangle R
Oval O
Line L
Text T
Artboard A
Draw from center Alt+Drag
Draw lock aspect Shift+Drag
Select S, Esc
Insert bitmap P
Create avatar Ctrl+P

Selecting Objects

Action Hotkey(s)
Select layer Click
Select all Ctrl+A
Select all Artboards Shift+Ctrl+A
Select in group Ctrl+click

Editing Objects

Action Hotkey(s)
Sape edit mode Enter, double click
Finish editing Escape
Delete layer Backspace, Del
Toggle mask Ctrl+M
Flip horizontaly Ctrl+→, Ctrl+←
Flip vertical Ctrl+↑, Ctrl+↓
Union Shift+Ctrl+U
Substract Shift+Ctrl+P
Intersect Shift+Ctrl+I
Difference Shift+Ctrl+X
Align left Shift+Ctrl+←
Align horizontally Shift+Ctrl(+)-
Align right Shift+Ctrl+→
Align top Shift+Ctrl+↑
Align vertically Shift+Ctrl+|
Align bottom Shift+Ctrl+↓
Distribute horizontally Shift+Ctrl+H
Distribute vertically Shift+Ctrl+V

Text Editing

Action Hotkey(s)
Bold Ctrl+B
Italic Ctrl+I
Increase font size Ctrl(+)+
Decrease font size Ctrl(+)–
Increase Character Spacing Ctrl+→
Decrease Character Spacing Ctrl+←
Horizontal Align Left Ctrl + Shift + {
Horizontal Align Center Ctrl + Shift + |
Horizontal Align Right Ctrl + Shift + }

Moving and Resizing Objects

Action Hotkey(s)
Distances from objects Alt
Duplicate Alt+Drag, Ctrl+D
Move long X/Y axis Shift+Drag
Move by 1px Arrow keys
Move by 10px Shift+Arrow keys
Resize from center Alt+resize
Preserve ratio Shift+resize
Move canvas Space+Drag

Arranging Objects

Action Hotkey(s)
Group selection Ctrl+G
Ungroup selection Shift+Ctrl+G
Bring forward Ctrl+[
Bring to front Shift+Ctrl+[
Send backward Ctrl+]
Send to back Shift+Ctrl+]
Hide/show Ctrl+H
Lock/unlock Ctrl+L

Zoom and Focus

Action Hotkey(s)
Zoom Ctrl + Mouse Wheel
Zoom In Ctrl(+)+,+
Zoom Out Ctrl(+)-,-
Zoom to 100% Ctrl+0
Zoom to all elements Ctrl+1
Zoom to selection Ctrl+2
Fit width Ctrl+3
Fit height Ctrl+4