Learn how to organize teamwork


Teams serve to make it easier for you to manage collaborative documents and people who have access to them.

In version 8.5, you’ll be able to try out how teams work on a free plan. In upcoming versions, we’ll add some paid plans that will provide more opportunities and less limitations.

How it works with the free plan:

  • To work with teams, you need to sign in to your Icons8 account.
  • You can create one team and invite two more members to the team.Thus, a free team can include up to 3 members. A user can be a member of one free team only.
  • You should use projects to organize team documents. Think of projects as of folders. All the documents within team projects automatically become available to the team members.
  • The total number of documents across all projects of a free team cannot exceed ten.

Note that you can still share cloud documents with other users as you did it earlier, before we introduced teams.

Creating a team

Creating a team

To create a team:

  1. Open the Home tab.
  2. In the left menu, click Create New Team.
  3. On the displayed screen, type the name of the team, then click Create team.
  4. (optional) On the next screen, click Copy link to send it to other team members. You can always copy the invite link in the top-right corner Members tab of the team page.
  5. Click Continue.

The user who created a team is a team owner.

Managing teams

To manage a team, switch to the Home tab, then click the required team name in the left panel. The team screen appears.

Each team screen features three tabs:


On this tab, you will keep your team documents organized in projects. You can think of projects as of folders. To start creating team documents, you should have at least one project.

To create a project:

  1. Select the required team in the left menu of the Home tab. Make sure that the team screen opens on the Projects tab.
  2. In the top-right corner of the screen, click New Project.
  3. Define the project name on the displayed screen.

Now you can add documents to the project. You can create new documents or import existing .sketch files. For this, use the respective buttons that appear in the top-right corner when you’re inside a project.

The figure below shows a view of the Projects tab.

Team projects tab

To delete a documents from a project:

  1. Right-click the documents. The context menu shows up.
  2. On the menu, click Delete.

Deleted documents move to the Deleted screen of the Home tab. There you can restore or permanently delete documents.

To delete a project:

  1. Delete all documents from the project first.
  2. On the left menu of the Home tab, right-click over the project you’re going to delete. The context menu shows up.
  3. On the menu, click Delete.

Note: Not all users can delete documents and projects. For details, check out the table below.


On this tab, you can:

  • Get links to invite new members (1).
  • Manage team members and their roles (2).
  • Delete team members (3).

Team members tab

To get an invite link, click Invite user in the top-right corner of the screen. The link gets copied to your clipboard, and a new record appears in the table of team members. Until the invitee opens opens the link, you’ll see the Invite pending caption instead of the username. Use the drop-down list in the Role column, to assign the required user role:

  • Viewer (can view). The role assigned by default to all users joining a team via an invite link. Users with this role can only view the content of team documents.
  • Developer (can export). This role is intended for developer handoff. Users with this role can view designs, inspect layer properties in the left panel, and export document content.
  • Editor (can edit). Users with this role can create and edit documents within the team. But they don’t have some administrative privileges.
  • Admin. Team administrators get the extended set of privileges.

Once a user opens the link, their username and avatar appear on the Members tab. You can view team members’ profiles by right-clicking their avatars.

The table below shows the differences between user roles.

  Owner Admin Editor Viewer Exporter
Rename team + +      
Change team plan +        
Change team avatar + +      
Assign roles to team members + +      
Delete team +        
Delete members from team + +      
Invite new members (copy links) + + +    
View list of team members + + + + +
View list of projects + + + + +
Create project + + +    
Rename project + + +    
Delete project + + +    
View list of documents + + + + +
Create document + + +    
Rename document + + +    
Delete document + + +    
Leave team   + + + +


This tab is available only for users with the owner and admin roles. Here you can change the team name and avatar.

Settings tab

Deleting a team

To delete a team, right-click the team name on the left panel of the Home tab, then click Delete on the menu. Note that this operation is accessible only to the team owner.

Upon deletion:

  • All the documents associated with the team move to Home > Deleted.
  • Team members no longer have access to the documents.
  • The name of the team appears dimmed in the left menu of the Home tab. A right-click over a deleted team invokes the context menu that lets you either permanently delete the team or restore it.

Context menu over a deleted team