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How do I scroll around the workspace?

You can scroll around the workspace in these ways:

  • For vertical scrolling: Mouse wheel or Vertical scroll gesture on trackpad
  • For horizontal scrolling: Mouse wheel Shift key or Horizontal scroll gesture on trackpad

How to create and organize pages in Lunacy?

You can add, delete, and rename the pages.

  • To add a page click on + sign on the page list and then hit Enter
  • To rename/delete a page use the right mouse button on the needed page and choose Rename or Delete

Will Lunacy work on Linux?

It’s definitely an option, although it requires additional development. If you’re willing to contribute, please check this thread.

Do I need an internet connection to use Lunacy?

No, Lunacy doesn’t need to be connected to the internet.

How about going Open Source?

Short answer: Not at the moment, not all of it.

Long answer: Certainly, that would speed up the development.

On the other hand, it will slow it down too. Sometimes, a small team can advance more than a big community, especially in the beginning. We may reconsider it in the future.

If you are willing to contribute, you may want to create the interface for Linux. Check out this thread.

How much are you planning to charge for Lunacy?

Nothing. Lunacy is completely free (no hidden charges, no ads, no locked features).

How would I know when to update Lunacy?

The Windows Store version updates silently. If not, check that you have automatic updates on. We recommend this option.

Once there are updates, will I have to reinstall Lunacy, or do they install automatically?

If you installed Lunacy with a downloadable installer, it will notify you about the update with an alert in the window title.

Either way, you can check out our release notes.


  • Community Support — our forum. The whole development team is here to help you too.

  • Feature Requests — a board similar to UserVoice. Vote for features and propose yours. One feature per post, please.

  • Improving This Manual — please help us! We’ll accept the pull requests for fixing the errors, expanding the sections, and updating it with new features (Icons8 team lags a little between adding a feature and writing the documentation for it). We’ll also include the video tutorials covering certain features.

  • Saying hello — our Lunacy page has comments at the bottom. If you have a review of our work or just want to say hello, you’re welcome to do so!

  • Lunacy in the Windows Store — we depend on your honest feedback. Please vote and leave a review so more people will learn about Lunacy. Thank you 🙏🏽

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