Learn about tools that will help you create your unique style

You can change the styling options for each object in your document. All styling properties for your objects are available in the Inspector. If you decide to remove styling from an object, you need to select the object and hit the ‘-‘ button.

Change styling

Color Picker

Choose and save colors.

Color picker allows you to choose and save colors


Create and edit gradients.

Lunacy allows you to create and edit gradients

The following types of gradients are supported in Lunacy:

  • Linear gradient

Lunacy supports linear gradient

  • Radial gradient

Lunacy supports radial gradient


Effects each need more explanation. Combining effects. Blending modes.

Lunacy allows you to combine multiple effects together


When Shadow is enabled for the object, it will cast the shadow outside of the shape. You can define the shadow’s X and Y position, as well as blur, radius, spread and color.

Add shadows


All objects, with the exception of text layers, can contain strokes. These can all have various thicknesses, colors and blending modes.

Add stroke

The border position of a stroke can be center, inside or outside.

Border position for objects

Applying a 10px stroke for a rectangle object: Original object, center stroke, inside stroke, outside stroke

Applying different types of stroke for rectangle object: center stroke, inside stroke, outside stroke

Gaussian Blur

Gaussian blur is a blur type that will accurately blur in all directions.

Gaussian blur


Inspector also supports formulas. You can type anything from 2+2, to complex algebra.

You can drag the values up and down; they will increase or decrease.

Lunacy supports formulas

Rounded Corner Hack

You can specify the radius for each corner separately. To do so, type 4 values, each separated with a space.

This property is especially handy for tabs.

Margins and Distances

Lunacy shows margins, as well as distances between elements.

Measure margins and distances between elements

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