Hot keys

Hot keys

You can use keyboard shortcuts to help speed up your design process. Commands are divided into several sections.

General Shortcuts

Action Hotkey(s)
Open Ctrl+O
New Ctrl+N
Save Ctrl+S
Save as Shift+Ctrl+S
Export Ctrl+E
About F1
Exit Alt+F4, Ctrl+Q
Copy Ctrl+C
Cut Ctrl+X
Paste Ctrl+V
Undo Ctrl+Z
Redo Ctrl+Y, Ctrl+Shift+Z
Toggle rules Ctrl+R
Toggle grid Ctrl+’
Toggle left panel Ctrl+T

Inserting Objects

Action Hotkey(s)
Rectangle R
Oval O
Line L
Text T
Artboard A
Draw from center Alt+Drag
Draw lock aspect Shift+Drag
Select S, Esc
Insert bitmap P
Create avatar Ctrl+P

Selecting Objects

Action Hotkey(s)
Select layer Click
Select all Ctrl+A
Select all Artboards Shift+Ctrl+A
Select in group Ctrl+click

Editing Objects

Action Hotkey(s)
Sape edit mode Enter, double click
Finish editing Escape
Delete layer Backspace, Del
Toggle mask Ctrl+M
Flip horizontaly Ctrl+, Ctrl+
Flip vertical Ctrl+, Ctrl+
Union Shift+Ctrl+U
Substract Shift+Ctrl+P
Intersect Shift+Ctrl+I
Difference Shift+Ctrl+X
Align left Shift+Ctrl+
Align horizontally Shift+Ctrl(+)-
Align right Shift+Ctrl+
Align top Shift+Ctrl+
Align vertically Shift+Ctrl+|
Align bottom Shift+Ctrl+
Distribute horizontally Shift+Ctrl+H
Distribute vertically Shift+Ctrl+V

Text Editing

Action Hotkey(s)
Bold Ctrl+B
Italic Ctrl+I
Increase font size Ctrl(+)+
Decrease font size Ctrl(+)–
Increase Character Spacing Ctrl+
Decrease Character Spacing Ctrl+
Horizontal Align Left Ctrl + Shift + {
Horizontal Align Center Ctrl + Shift + |
Horizontal Align Right Ctrl + Shift + }

Moving and Resizing Objects

Action Hotkey(s)
Distances from objects Alt
Duplicate Alt+Drag, Ctrl+D
Move long X/Y axis Shift+Drag
Move by 1px Arrow keys
Move by 10px Shift+Arrow keys
Resize from center Alt+resize
Preserve ratio Shift+resize
Move canvas Space+Drag

Arranging Objects

Action Hotkey(s)
Group selection Ctrl+G
Ungroup selection Shift+Ctrl+G
Bring forward Ctrl+[
Bring to front Shift+Ctrl+[
Send backward Ctrl+]
Send to back Shift+Ctrl+]
Hide/show Ctrl+H
Lock/unlock Ctrl+L

Zoom and Focus

Action Hotkey(s)
Zoom Ctrl + Mouse Wheel
Zoom In Ctrl(+)+,+
Zoom Out Ctrl(+)-,-
Zoom to 100% Ctrl+0
Zoom to all elements Ctrl+1
Zoom to selection Ctrl+2
Fit width Ctrl+3
Fit height Ctrl+4