Help us improve the translation of Lunacy

Editing or translating an existing localization

To edit an existing localization of Lunacy, you can use the service called Crowdin. Sign up or log in with your account.

To find our project, use search or follow the direct link https://crowdin.com/project/lunacy

Select an object and see its properties

Use the language of localization which you want to edit or help to localize.

Use the search for quick navigation to the necessary value.

Select an object and see its properties

We also provided every value with a screenshot that shows where the text you work on can be found in the interface.

Select an object and see its properties

Adding a new language of localization

If you want to add a localization language to Lunacy but it isn’t found in the Crowdin service, inform us via lunacy@icons8.com, and we will add it to Сrowdin, and after its localization, it will be included to the next release of Lunacy.

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